22 Corporate Woods Boulevard

The major Mechanical and Electrical features include the following:

  1. A full wet pipe sprinkler and standpipe system including a 1000 GPM electric driven fire pump. The PBX and UPS rooms contain pre-action dry pipe sprinkler systems.
  2. The HVAC system consists of a water source heat pump system utilizing horizontal ceiling hung heat pumps, a nominal 2000 GPM hydronic piping loop, nominal 750 ton closed circuit evaporative coolers, plate and frame heat exchangers to allow year round use, a nominal 34,000 CFM make-up air unit with an air-to-air heat exchanger recovering energy from the general exhaust system. The boiler system consists of two gas-fired, modulating boilers.
  3. The electrical system consists of a 13,200 volts primary feeder serving primary metal enclosed switchgear which in turn feeds two independent pad mounted transformers each rated at 1500 amperes at 480/277V/3Ø/4W. Either primary feeder and/or transformer can be shut-down without discontinuing building operations. The transformer secondaries feed double-ended switchgear with an internal tie-breaker which also provides redundant back-up ability. A 600 KW diesel generator provides back-up power for life safety systems, elevators, 125 KVA UPS System and critical tenant loads.
  4. The building is fully equipped with a raised floor structure to allow access for modular electric power, data and voice communications cabling.
  5. Specific Energy Efficiency features include:
    1. Lighting occupancy sensors to shut down lighting in unoccupied areas.
    2. High efficiency heat pumps
    3. Variable speed pumping systems
    4. LED exit signs
    5. High efficiency window glazing
    6. High efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures with T8 lamps, electronic ballasts, and pre-wire tandem pairs.
  6. The building also contains a full service kitchen facility with the capacity of serving approximately 350 persons.

Location:Albany, NY

Photo: Courtesy of WCGS Architects

New York State Teachers’ Retirement System

In 2002 NYSTRS constructed an addition onto their existing building.  Quantum Engineering Company was hired to provide design and construction services for the M/E/P/FP systems for the addition and renovations to the existing building.

Quantum Engineering Co continues to work closely with NYSTRS’s to provide them with continued M/E/P/FP services as needed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Data Center Upgrades.
  • Emergency Generator Study
  • Disaster Recovery Facility Design
  • Elevator Upgrade Project
  • Chilled Water System Treatment System Project
  • Site Lighting Project
  • Fuel Tank Replacement Project
  • 3rd Floor Renovations
  • AHU System Replacement Project
  • Kitchen Fire Safety Upgrade
  • Redundant Fiber Project Coordination
  • AHU Replacement Project
  • Emergency Generator Replacement & Decommissioning
  • Audio / Visual Upgrade for Multiple Rooms
  • LEED EB Project – presently Registered and approaching Start of Performance Period
  • Service Building Schematic Outline for Budgeting

Location:  Albany, NY

Empire State College

2 Union Avenue – Empire State College was rapidly expanding and chose to construct a new sustainably focused building.  This 40,000 sq. ft administration & classroom facility replaces the existing structure that no longer met the needs of the campus.  The HVAC system includes a central chiller plant serving central station air handling units, VAV box distribution, & perimeter fin tube. The electric service includes an 800A, 480v service and distribution system. The building archived LEED Certification with points for energy efficiency, individual control, ozone depletion, carbon dioxide monitoring, & ventilation effectiveness.

Distance Learning Center – The design for this new 45,000 sq. ft. administration building was completed in 2010.  The environmental controls for the building are provided via a geothermal water source heat pump system serving high efficiency horizontal & vertical heat pumps through the building.  Ventilation air is provided with an energy recovery unit controlled with a variable speed drive & a variable air volume distribution system control by distributed carbon dioxide sensors.  Lighting is controlled with occupancy sensors throughout all spaces including offices, collaborative areas and assembly spaces.  The building achieved LEED Silver Certification with points for energy efficiency, enhanced refrigerant management, thermal environment, & water savings.

Location:  Saratoga Springs, NY

New York State Police, Troop G Headquarters

The 120,000-sq-ft New York State Troop G Complex is located on 43 acres  in Latham, NY.  The  complex includes a 2-story, 87,000 ft2 Headquarters Building which accommodates administrative offices as well as the mission critical communications security unit (COMSEC) dispatch function, which serves as a 24/7/365 operations center.  This building design provided a LEED Silver certification.

This complex also includes the Quartermaster / Vehicle Maintenance Facility.   The Quartermaster / Vehicle Maintenance Facility is a one-story 33,000 sq.ft. building that provides space for the Troop G Quartermaster.  It consists of the building & grounds office, office storage, senior diver functions, BCI surveillance vehicle storage, firearms office & armory, vehicle maintenance & repair functions, plus new vehicle fit-up areas, battery storage, inventory storage, tire storage, & flammable storage.  The vehicle maintenance facility provides nine work bays for maintenance & repair as well as the necessary retaining spaces including parts storage, bulk fluid storage compressor room, tool rooms, & car wash bay.  Other provisions in the facility include equipment rooms, toilet/locker rooms, & breakroom.  Electronic security control is provided throughout  the complex.  The Quartermaster / Vehicle Maintenance Facility design also provided a LEED Silver rating.

Location:  Colonie, New York

Photo: Courtesy of WCGS Architects

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

This 15-story, nominal 400,000 ft2 office building was constructed to house the headquarters of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  It was designed, constructed & commissioned to achieve a LEED’s “Silver” rating.  Both commissioning & advanced commissioning for the entire building were required for the certification.  The building’s M/E/P systems include a high-efficiency boiler plant, low kw/ton central chilled water plant, VAV air systems with outdoor air economizers, primary electric power systems, emergency generator, full coverage sprinkler systems, fire pump, modular electric power distribution, & telecommunication wiring utilizing raised access flooring.  Detailed field observations of installed equipment were followed by specific testing of individual components & systems.  This testing and re-testing verified that systems operated correctly in the normal mode and in various upset conditions.  Energy saving operating routines were tested & verified.  Commissioning activities were documented and reported to the owner & the sponsoring agency.

Quantum Engineering Co., provided all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design for the Base Building and for all Interiors fit up for the New York State DEC.  We provided the commissioning agent services for the building.

Location:  Albany, NY

17 Corporate Woods Boulevard

Quantum Engineering Co was one of the LEED team members to help KeyBank achieve a LEED Gold rating for this existing building.  We analyzed the existing ventilation system for compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 – 2010 and designed the associated upgrades to meet and exceed the LEED criteria.

We have been working with KeyBank over several years to design and implement mechanical and electrical system upgrades for the specific purpose of saving energy while maintaining a high level of system reliability.  These upgrades have helped place this facility in the top percentile of its peers as documented through the Energy Star® portfolio manager system.  Working in a facility such as this has challenges especially to implement the upgrades in a mission critical environment with no shut-downs.

Location:  Albany, NY