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22 Corporate Woods Boulevard

The major Mechanical and Electrical features include the following:

  1. A full wet pipe sprinkler and standpipe system including a 1000 GPM electric driven fire pump. The PBX and UPS rooms contain pre-action dry pipe sprinkler systems.
  2. The HVAC system consists of a water source heat pump system utilizing horizontal ceiling hung heat pumps, a nominal 2000 GPM hydronic piping loop, nominal 750 ton closed circuit evaporative coolers, plate and frame heat exchangers to allow year round use, a nominal 34,000 CFM make-up air unit with an air-to-air heat exchanger recovering energy from the general exhaust system. The boiler system consists of two gas-fired, modulating boilers.
  3. The electrical system consists of a 13,200 volts primary feeder serving primary metal enclosed switchgear which in turn feeds two independent pad mounted transformers each rated at 1500 amperes at 480/277V/3Ø/4W. Either primary feeder and/or transformer can be shut-down without discontinuing building operations. The transformer secondaries feed double-ended switchgear with an internal tie-breaker which also provides redundant back-up ability. A 600 KW diesel generator provides back-up power for life safety systems, elevators, 125 KVA UPS System and critical tenant loads.
  4. The building is fully equipped with a raised floor structure to allow access for modular electric power, data and voice communications cabling.
  5. Specific Energy Efficiency features include:
    1. Lighting occupancy sensors to shut down lighting in unoccupied areas.
    2. High efficiency heat pumps
    3. Variable speed pumping systems
    4. LED exit signs
    5. High efficiency window glazing
    6. High efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures with T8 lamps, electronic ballasts, and pre-wire tandem pairs.
  6. The building also contains a full service kitchen facility with the capacity of serving approximately 350 persons.

Location:Albany, NY

Photo: Courtesy of WCGS Architects

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