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Empire State College

2 Union Avenue – Empire State College was rapidly expanding and chose to construct a new sustainably focused building.  This 40,000 sq. ft administration & classroom facility replaces the existing structure that no longer met the needs of the campus.  The HVAC system includes a central chiller plant serving central station air handling units, VAV box distribution, & perimeter fin tube. The electric service includes an 800A, 480v service and distribution system. The building archived LEED Certification with points for energy efficiency, individual control, ozone depletion, carbon dioxide monitoring, & ventilation effectiveness.

Distance Learning Center – The design for this new 45,000 sq. ft. administration building was completed in 2010.  The environmental controls for the building are provided via a geothermal water source heat pump system serving high efficiency horizontal & vertical heat pumps through the building.  Ventilation air is provided with an energy recovery unit controlled with a variable speed drive & a variable air volume distribution system control by distributed carbon dioxide sensors.  Lighting is controlled with occupancy sensors throughout all spaces including offices, collaborative areas and assembly spaces.  The building achieved LEED Silver Certification with points for energy efficiency, enhanced refrigerant management, thermal environment, & water savings.

Location:  Saratoga Springs, NY

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